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Starter Package

Focusing on speed & minimize costs

  • 1 Candidate placement
  • Minimum of 3 endorsements
  • Dedicated recruitment specialist
  • Commission based on annual salary
  • Billed after contract signed
  • No replacement guarantee

    We are not responsible for candidates who are leaving after signing the contract.

Business Package

Making sure you find what you need

  • 1 Candidate placement
  • Minimum of 3 endorsements
  • Dedicated recruitment specialist
  • Commission based on annual salary
  • Billed after contract signed
  • 30 days replacement guarantee

    Whenever the candidate leaves within the period, we will find a new candidate for no additional charge

All packages are backed by our 90-days hiring guarantee

Why you should work with us...

Stop wasting time and budget to find suitable candidates in your niche

$70,000 p/y

Average salary marketing manager

👎 $17,500

Average cost of recruitment via agency

👍 $7,000

Average cost of recruitment via Usobi

❌ 25%

Total % cost of yearly salary via others


Total % cost of yearly salary via Usobi


For most of our clients, we can place candidates within only 2-5 weeks. As you might know, it really depends on the complexity of the job role. The eventual hiring timeline is designed to be based on your specific needs. Upon initiation, we will work closely with your team to establish a timeline that aligns with your recruitment goals and the urgency of the positions to be filled. Regular updates will be provided to keep you informed of our progress.

We understand that finding the right candidate is a priority. If, after three endorsements, we haven’t identified a suitable match, we will reassess our approach in collaboration with your feedback. Our goal is to continuously refine our search strategy to meet your specific requirements and expectations.

We are committed to maintaining a transparent pricing model- this means absolutely no hidden fees. The package price is what you pay and includes any applicable taxes and fees.

Our recruitment process begins with a thorough understanding of your company’s needs. We employ a multi-faceted approach, including targeted job postings, industry networking, and proactive outreach to passive candidates. Our team utilizes advanced sourcing tools and leverages our extensive network to identify and attract candidates with the skills and qualities you seek.

Upon request, we conduct comprehensive reference checks and background screenings to ensure the authenticity and suitability of candidates. Our process adheres to legal and ethical standards, providing you with reliable information to make informed hiring decisions.

Quality assurance is paramount in our recruitment process. Our experienced team employs rigorous screening and assessment methods, including in-depth interviews, skills evaluations, and thorough reference checks. This ensures that the candidates we present to you not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Yes, for some of our packages we offer a guarantee on our placements. If, for any reason, a candidate leaves within the guaranteed period, we will will provide a replacement at no additional cost. Our commitment is to your long-term satisfaction with our recruitment services.